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United States of America-the precession effect


On top the actual chart for the “moment of birth”. Underneath, what the chart looks like after correcting for 244 years of precession-which amounts to a delay in the transit effect, particularly with slow moving planets like Pluto. Notice that Pluto is transiting opposite the precessed US Sun and has been since about the spring of 2015. Using a one degree orb, the precessed transit span is in effect from approximately April 2015 until about December of 2017. (Without correcting for precession, the tightest period would be from early 2014 until the end of 2015) If we relate all of this to the election of Donald Trump, the precessed positions make  more sense. Since mid 2015 the USA environment has taken on a distinctly plutonian tone.












Trump’s birth time


In the world of astrology an accurate birth time is “gold”. We know Trump’s birth time because he published his birth certificate –and top right below his name you can see it is 10:54 am. Some have wondered if the certificate might be fake but as it turns out this birth time very accurately reflects his character and his life circumstances across the years.








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