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Bernie Sanders Vs Donald Trump

Who has the better chart going into the November 2020 election?



I use this herb regularly. It strengthens the body in a variety of ways and though often primarily prescribed for  this very reason, in my case, the relaxation qualities are most helpful. I usually take 500 mg (gelatin capsule) in the evening as a way to promote deep restful sleep. If I feel unusually “wired” I’ll take 1000. I’ve also taken it as a tincture and it is just as effective.


From time to time I take it during the day as well. Provided I’m not tired or sleepy in the daytime, ashwaghanda is very relaxing and promotes good meditation. It is considered “Ayurveda’s ginseng”. I agree though in contrast to ginseng, it is not just strengthening but also relaxing at the same time. Excellent Herb. I place it at the very top of my own list.


A website that lists some ashwaghanda benefits:


Donald Trump and the CoronaVirus #1

Powerful symbols



In this post I discuss the power of symbols I’ve come across over the years. Some are well known through their association with a major religion or another. Others are inventions of my own. In the audio file I also try to explain the relationship to astrology–which I think is particularly interesting.


Does Joe Biden still have a chance?

Joe has lost his lead to Bernie Sanders, does he still have a chance to win the nomination?

Donald Trump Astrology-March 2020

Important cycles due to happen around the spring equinox of 2020