Current Planetary Positions

Saturn’s transit through the upper and lower hemispheres



There is an astrological theory that if Saturn is transiting through the upper/southern hemisphere then the person is involved in public life,  and when in the lower/northern sector they are more connected to their private affairs. This does hold true in many cases and I can report coming across a significant number of public personalities where it was dead on. Notably, athletes will often reach peak skill and fame when Saturn is  at the top of the chart,  and then fade or begin to fade when it transits to the ascendant and below.


Arizone Sue commented on one of my youtube political videos that Joe Biden’s chances to win the 2020 Democratic Nomination–and probably his attempt at the presidency as well, are hindered by Saturn’s transit through the 2nd sign in the lower hemisphere.


I think this is a very good point although it’s also true this rule doesn’t always apply.  If you look back at presidents going back to Roosevelt–all had verified birth times (In Eisenhower’s case it is approximate but still close enough to know which hemisphere it was in) and below lists where Saturn’s house was in each case: (I only looked at their first terms since by the second term incumbency gives them momentum and they could be re-elected based on that.)


Franklin D. Roosevelt: 5

Harry Truman: 10

Dwight Eisenhower: 3-4

John F. Kennedy: 4

Lyndon Johnson: 6

Nixon: 8

Carter: 10-11

Ronald Reagan: 10-11

George HW Bush: 4

Bill Clinton: 5

George W Bush: 10

Barack Obama: 8

Donald Trump: 5


Still, to Arizona Sue’s point—only in Eisenhower’s case do we see Saturn in the first quadrant so if you make the case that by the 4th house at least Saturn is moving “upward” then perhaps you have something of a reliable rule. Nevertheless, it’s a bit of a striking counterpoint to see Kennedy’s 10th house natal Saturn transiting way down in the 4th when he was elected in 1960.

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