Current Planetary Positions

The Astrological House System that I use.



I use the whole sign system. In this way of dividing the houses, the sign of the ascendant is the first house, the sign after that is the second and so on around the zodiac. The mid heaven is not the 10th house entry point in this system though its degree might be somewhere in the 10th sign from the ascendant. In other cases the MC/IC axis could cut across the 5/11 or 3/9 houses. In the case of people born in extreme north or south latitudes it is even possible that the MC/IC might be in the 6/12 house polarity. Although I do not use the Vedic system and I certainly do not subscribe to the predominant use of sidereal signs in Vedic, on the dominant choice of the whole sign system for house division, I do agree with them.


When I draw charts however, I prefer to draw them as though I’m looking at an equal house chart because I like to see the Ascendant/Descendant horizon line clearly drawn.



Long ago during my firsts 10 years as an astrologer I experimented extensively with all the quadrant house systems that attempt to use the ascendant as the entry into the first house and the midheaven as the door to the 10th. In between you get the other houses by dividing time, space or land. I never found these cusps convincing and seldom if ever saw any transit or progression to any house that made any sense.


On the other hand, it was always easy to see that the degrees of the ascendant seemed to be sensitive to transits, progressions and directions all over the chart—associated with whatever house I counted from the ascendant.


The clincher came when during several consults I noticed that a planet could be deep below the horizon in the sign of the descendant and still be so obviously reflecting the sign in the 7th house. The same seemed to be true if a planet was rising above the ascendant-putting it in the 12th house of all quadrant systems. Such a planet seemed stronger instead of weaker—and in fact a lot more so than if it was in the first house box below the horizon. For example if 10 degrees of a sign was rising, a 12 degree sun was weaker than a 5 degree sun.


It turns out Gacquelin’s thesis was precisely this. He noticed that after any of the angles crossed a planet it seemed to greatly strengthen the planet—and he took the time and undertook the effort to prove it statistically.


Around my 10th year in the “business” I began to use the whole sign system and soon after I learned that other astrologer’s had come to this conclusion and it struck me as interesting that most of these astrologers were people of long experience in Astrology.


As the year’s passed my sense that this system was the best only strengthened. For example I would see a chart where the fourth house cusp might be at 23 degrees, the IC at 25 degrees and the person would report the biggest house purchase of their life with Jupiter and Saturn in the early degrees of the sign. This is a classic effect of the whole sign system although I will also say the actual degrees in any house that correspond to the ascendant tend to be the most powerful—psychologically and via events.


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