Current Planetary Positions

The Future of Lindsey Graham



During the 2016 campaign Lindsey Graham was a pretty adamant Trump opponent and enemy. Listen to what he said back then. He continued in this vein during the early part of Trump’s presidency but then when he noticed his south Carolina approval numbers down in the 30’s, he decided he was really Trump’s buddy after all and he began to defend him on nearly all things. Some speculate that perhaps Trump has something on him but it’s also possible that he just wants to keep his senate job and so he decided it was better to as he put it: “serve at the pleasure of the president”


We have no birth time so there is no way to know what a horizon line would tell us about the strength of certain planets but we  know for sure that he has a dynamic Neptune by way of a square to mars/Uranus and even at 9 degrees of orb, I would count that as a Neptune Sun square. This tells us that Neptune transits and progressions are going to be important.


In the transit pattern you can see that the triple conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter and Pluto –in 2020 is coming at a particularly inopportune time since he will fighting for his reelection in November when that conjunction is still very much in full force. Opposing Mars/Uranus and squaring Neptune suggests big changes coming up and probably not of the kind he is going to like. If any of these planets link to his job/career he is going to be in a lot of trouble and could easily lose his re election bid. Another planet taking a hit is Jupiter via the Uranus square—something which might add to the problem.


A fascinating way to asses chart’s fate can often be seen by looking at what transiting planets are doing to the progressed chart at any given point in time. Notice that in his progressed chart, the 3 capricorn planets don’t oppose mars and Uranus because both those planets have moved forward quite a few degrees but natal Neptune is still strongly squared by those 3 and most importantly, look at the transiting Neptune opposing progressed sun and venus during 2020 and right through 2021 and 2022. Remebering that Neptune is a dynamic, change inducing planet, this is again suggestive of upcoming big changes in his life. Also, at election time it is possible that the transiting Uranus could be directly squaring the progressed moon position. In the big scheme things it would be a quick—month or two fly by type of aspect but very inopportune coming at a moment when he wants to win reelection.


I’ll conclude by pointing to the dominance of Neptune in this man’s chart and say that like Trump he shows us the corruption and deception Neptune is capable of when the person drifts into the negative dimensions of that planet. Graham is on camera speaking with great conviction during the effort to impeach Bill Clinton and then saying the exact opposite when it came to Trump. Back then it was imperative to interview all the witnesses in order to save the Republic. By 2019 he was against letting the witnesses testify because he knew just like we all knew –they would totally incriminate Trump. You already heard the clip in which he said Trump was a malevolent fool and now he says the opposite. Furthermore, he is now on the hunt to try to damage Biden—looking for evidence that Joe is a really bad person when this is what he had said before he lost his marbles and turned into a pitiful Trump lackey.


He used to be friends with John McCain who I bet is turning over in his grave. Lindsey has shown himself to be a world class hypocrite and fully deserving of being bounced out of his seat in November. Given the planetary situation I think there is a very good chance that is what is going to happen.

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