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Mark Milley Breaks with Trump on the Bible Photo Op


After being duped into wearing his army fatigues and accompanying Donald Trump on his Bible walk of shame, Milley availed himself of public commentary on what he had done and quickly came to the conclusion he’d better backtrack quickly which he did almost immediately by apologizing for doing something that politicized the military in the worst possible way at the worst possible time.


Saturn opposite sun and mercury—which has double importance in his chart since he is a Gemini, is a classic aspect in reflecting the chart of a military commander since Saturn is the planet of discipline, self restraint and traditional observance of the rules, all of which can be tremendous assets in this type of individual.


We don’t know what the horizon or midheaven lines might be doing or affecting in this chart but from what is known, there isn’t a lot of pressure on this chart just now so this could bring in the possibility that he may have late cardinal degrees on the ascendant or midheaven. I also noticed that his progressed moon could be going through late cardinal degrees which would attract the attention-so to speak of the transiting Jupiter and Pluto opposition and therefore correlate with the furor he suddenly found himself in. He did react quickly and responsibly so he’s unlikely to get much blame and in any case by far and away the majority of the public supports the position he took –standing up for the US constitution and against the political manipulation of the army by our lawless president.


In any army person’s chart you always look to the role of Mars—the first and foremost military influence and notice that Milley has it in Aries, the sign mars rules and the sign that also most directly classifies as military. Notice that 8 degrees it puts in contact with Trump’s most vulnerable alignment, his infamous Access Hollywood T square. Milley’s mars squares Trump’s mercury quite tightly –signaling verbal and/or general contention, argument, rebuke. Notice also Milley’s Saturn conjunct Trump’s moon and opposing Trump’s sun. He’ll censor and restrict Trump—which he ought to, since Trump constantly acts out like a toddler out of control.


Ths is yet another example of Trump stirring up a hornet’s nest and getting badly stung. I doubt Milley will get in any kind of trouble and I would be very surprised to see Trump fire, replace or sideline him. The envinroment for doing such a thing is so hostile right now and will likely continue as such until the election so what Milley did is simultaneously put the entire nation at ease while sending Trump the message that the military is not for sale. It’s also curious to note that Milley’s Jupiter, just like Trump’s is very strong being in a station at birth—within 9 hours of exact. This is a very fortunate position and all the more so in Trine to his sun and mercury.


In contrast to trump however , Milley has a strongly wired Saturn and this gives him the self discipline and common sense that Trump—with a huge Jupiter and comparatively tiny Saturn simply doesn’t have—and this means Milley is  strong and balanced while Trump strength is mostly talk and he certainly doesn’t exhibit any kind of balanced personality.

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