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Trump’s Tulsa Rally



With Covid cases on the rise in Oklahoma—apparently the state has seen a doubling of cases since the previous week, Trump prepares for the Tulsa rally tomorrow night at 8 pm. Ahead of that, his rabid supporters are intending to turn it into a whole day celebration, starved as they are to soak in the vibe from their political guru—who, due to covid restrictions hasn’t done any rallies in quite some time.


Meanwhile, as health experts nationwide and especially in Oklahoma plead with Trump to cancel because of the risk the whole thing will turn into a super spreader event and thereby lead to dangerous covid infection levels, he is tweeting threats to potential protesters—vowing if they get in the way they’re going to be treated roughly. They’ll supposedly give his attending supporters masks and take their temperature before going into the arena but the masks will still be optional and they all have to sign a waiver that if they get Covid it won’t be his fault. The whole thing is totally surreal. You might guess that were it not for his currently awful poll numbers he would avoid entangling himself in dangerous situations like this, but honestly I’m not so sure. I think the hole in this guy’s soul is so enormous and the angry toddler attention level he craves is so demandingly intense, he would probably do exactly what he is doing even if the pandemic didn’t exist.


Astrologically, once you know it’s an all day event you take into account the moon in gemini near his sun degrees in the earlier hours. Ordinarily this would be a good thing for him, the moon near your sun is generally a high point and a therefore desirable but in this case the exception kicks in because of the Neptune station we are in which means the moon going through those degrees becomes negative by encouraging and amplifying the deception he customarily engages in. Worse still, it also promotes self deception. He is convinced this rally will somehow resurrect his fading fortunes when in fact it is a lot more likely to make things worse. Much worse. Sure, his base will like it—they go along with pretty much anything he does, no matter how egregiously awful but if the whole affair leads to a worsening of the already existing health crisis in Oklahoma he might find himself abandoned a little in the polls. Once people make up their mind about who they support and want to vote for, it is very hard to shake them off their position UNLESS something truly tragic happens and then all bets are off. Trump is gambling that getting all his sheep together to yell and scream support will help him in his quest for reelection but if as a result the loved ones of supporters pay the price with their life—perhaps they’ll begin to think twice about the wisdom of their guru.


As the day progresses and into Rally time the moon advances through the late gemini degrees until by around 5 pm Tulsa time—it goes Void of Course. This is a period when the moon doesn’t connect by aspect with any planet until it gets out the sign and it tends to correlate with tangents and distractions. So we can expect him to drift into all kinds of detours and cul de sacs as he tries to make his case. Nothing new here, in a way this is what he always does but with a void moon in his own sign—this effect will have noticeable boost. Its curious to see 21 degrees Sagittarius rising—right at 8 pm—the slated start time. These are the degrees of his moon—with his sun in gemini near the descendant on the other side. He will start of strong and may remain reasonably positive until about 8:40 or so when the ascendant switches to Capricorn—when it will likely turn darker and especially    between 9 and 9:30 when the ascendant cruises through the access Hollywood T degrees. I bet this is when all the grievances fly out of his mouth—complete with promises of retribution. Capricorn isn’t a good sign for Trump and since the ascendant doesn’t switch to Aquarius until after 10:30 the rally will most likely end before that happens.


AND—what follows the rally is very unlikely to be good because overnight the moon switches into Cancer and by morning it is cruising through this Access Hollywood T degrees pretty much guaranteeing he will wake up to scathing critique from the media. He will of course think he is being victimized yet again because he is totally unable to see that the criticism is always related to the reckless and irresponsible things he does and says. So basically Saturday night is the drunken orgy, Sunday the massive hangover.

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