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Trump’s Tulsa Rally Bust



I was saying yesterday that I thought this Tulsa rally thing was a really bad idea because of the Covid risks. It was. Who knows what we’ll find out in the coming days in weeks beyond the six Trump staffers confirmed as infected. Less expected was the low attendance. Trump was saying a million people wanted to get in and he was so sure there would be throngs of people coming to see him that he actually was going to address the unlucky ones—the ones that couldn’t get in—outside the Arena before  going inside to talk the lucky ones.


Turns out the arena was maybe half filled and there was nobody outside so he went inside to start talking early while his road crew was taking apart the stage outside.


He spent the usual 2 hours ranting and raving, insulting, race baiting and also as usual making things up. This guy is a cosmic lying machine. That Neptune Mercury square is textbook bottom of the barrel corrupt Neptune. Lie, deceive, lie and then deceive some more. There is no end to it with this guy. He actually spent a good chunk of time explaining what really happened in that downward ramp walk—which we all saw in regular and slow motion—so what is there to explain? No it wasn’t raining, no it wasn’t slippery, no you didn’t run the last ten feet. You were shuffling down—admit it, you’re on video—curiously something also ruled by Neptune but of course it’s really squaring the Donald right now, so it isn’t helping one bit.


I think I also heard that he and his campaign are claiming many more people would have filled all the empty seats if only the protesters hadn’t blocked them from coming in. Seriously? You gotta laugh though-on hearing that many young teenagers punked the hell out of his campaign by getting tickets to pretend they were going to come. That’s where the million people interested came from.


When big planets are against you—be careful, even for good people things tend not to go so well—and Donald, well, being the worst of the worst, things have a way of coming together in the wrong way. And just wait until tomorrow when the full analysis is in complete with all the uncomfortable questions and finger pointing. Because it’s never his fault.

A bit lost in the shuffle was Bill Barr’s removal of Geoffrey Berman of SDNY in what is obviously a move to protect or help Trump.  Berman was crafty and made sure his deputy will remain in charge which should at least buy some time in protecting all those investigations long enough for Trump to be booted out of office so he can face the long arm on the law without Fred Flintstone’s help.


And as for Berman, his Virgo planets—especially the sun in direct hit to Trump’s sun and moon plus an early libra mars triggering Trump’s hellish Access Hollywood T square, suggests this is unlikely to be the last he will hear about him. These kinds of configurations tend to mean enemy action once the relations go sour. And I’m betting Berman probably has his Capricorn moon in degrees attracting the heavy Capricorn transiting action—which will tend to empower him even while admittedly the sun getting opposed by Neptune is capable of disempowering pretty dramatically. Nadler wants him to testify next week in congress. I wonder if he will?

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