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Why is Trump so lucky?

Hillary Clinton’s birth time



29.46 Gemini rising was the chart I worked with in 2016. Apparently she had quoted this time directly to an astrologer who was skeptical about its accuracy because he didn’t think it reflected her character well. At the time I actually thought it was pretty good, however using this chart I was quite at a loss to explain her unexpectedly catastrophic defeat to Donald Trump in November of 2016. A lot of astrologers preferred the 8.02 am time presumably because all the Scorpio rising planets together with the elevated Leo planets better reflected her character and her powerful life as a politician. The 8.02 am chart likewise didn’t properly account for the 2016 debacle. Tonight I watched the new Hulu documentary on her life and when I went to look in the astrodatabank registry, I found a reference to the 2.18 am time and proceeded to study that chart-considering her personality together with the timing of life trends and events she has been through. I’m now leaning toward this last chart-2.18 am, because a number of important factors are making sense.




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